The Mopar Masters Guild Motto:

“The exchange of information by like-size dealers in a non-competitive environment”

“Established in 1992”

In 1989 Chuck Hartle’ met Bart Cooper at a 20 group meeting in Dallas Texas. Over the next four years they developed a great friendship that changed their lives as parts managers forever. During this time the pair developed the idea of forming a National Mopar Parts Managers Guild. In 1992 the tandem became a tri with the introduction of Cy Yates. The Three managers continued to conceptualize the idea of developing a National Parts Managers Guild. This was the beginning of the Mopar Masters Guild, as we know it today.

Since being established by these 3 men, the first annual Mopar Masters Guild meeting was held in New Orleans. The small group met in conjunction with the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) annual convention. This tradition is still continued today and gives managers a platform to tackle business challenges together as well as interact with Mopar.

Realizing how important guild, vendor and brand interaction is, the Mopar Masters Guild has expanded its communication through the years. The Mopar Masters Guild Magazine, Website, Vendor meetings and Mopar events all contribute to the sharing of knowledge. Knowledge that is beneficial to all Chrysler brand dealers.

Since the first meeting the guild has been active in the development of many factory programs. Not a day goes by that a Chrysler brand dealership does not use a program that the guild has played a role in.

Over the past 23 years there have been members that have moved on to new adventures. Likewise many Mopar employees have also come and gone. The most important thing however, remains the concept started with the three Guild founders. The concept of sharing information with others has made many members, better managers and people. Today with the addition of a forum available to all Chrysler brand dealership employees the Mopar Masters Guild’s future continues looks bright.

We are governed by our own by-laws that were established that same year and are led by elected officers serving 2 year terms. The guild was founded on the principles of sharing ideas and best practices with like size dealers in a non competitive environment. The initial membership were invited from Chrysler’s Mopar Masters Club which was a dealer group representing the top 100 distributors of Mopar parts in the country. The group has evolved into an established collective voice with Chrysler as well as a proven sounding board helping vendors better their product offering to the automotive industry.

From our inception we have funded our meetings, our interactions with our vendors, our website and newsletter through Supporting Vendor’s membership dues.

Welcome to the Mopar Masters Guild


Participating in the Mopar Masters Guild’s supporting vendor program, will give your company ongoing access to our membership.

This membership is comprised of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, and Ram brand dealerships and their managers within our guild network. JOIN NOW!

Vendor Benefits

The Mopar Masters Guild is dedicated to offering the highest value to our supporting vendors. This is accomplished in many different ways through a variety of support tiers that best fit the needs of our supporting vendors.

Supporting vendors advertise on the MMG website and in the MMG magazine. Vendors also use the contact list of our membership for direct-mail advertising. However, we are more than just an advertising media outlet.

Our supporting vendors work with us to better the industry and achieve mutual goals. Some benefits provided, depending on the level of support, could include:

Committees for focus groups
Product development meetings with your group
Individual testimonials
Presentation time before our membership to discuss products and services
Adjustments for special requests are available

Many of our supporting vendors feel that the interaction with the group at annual meetings and functions prior to NADA is extremely beneficial.

The Mopar Masters Guild and all that support the group, build their future together. If you are interested in learning how you can become part of that future, please contact us.


Mopar Master Guild membership offers an unprecedented lateral support system to help dealerships identify change, and to better position their departments for success.

“The results of my participation in the MMG have brought positive response from our employees, customers & management team. As a parts manager always looking for an edge to transition directly into performance, I am forever grateful of the inclusion into the MMG.” —Mike Mulkins, Guild Member since 2006

Experience: Guild membership allows all participating parts manager’s access to all guild meetings, bi-monthly newsletters, key vendor relationships & access to our newly enhanced website.

Networking: The MMG is comprised of some of the most successful business leaders, and brightest minds in today’s industry. A collaboration of proven ideas and methodologies serve as the foundational strength of the guild.

Relationships: As a direct result of becoming a member of the MMG, I have personally been blessed to build relationships of trust and respect which transitioned to success both personally and professionally.

Profitability: Through proven methods, and direction currently being executed daily in Mopar dealerships across the country, we have been able to launch new initiatives, enhance proven processes, and bring new ideas and fresh perspective to our own dealerships, with a positive influence on bottom line profitability & employee development.

Mentorship: Many dealerships today offer little in subject matter experts in parts department operations. The MMG offers many subject matter experts in all areas. Today’s parts managers need resources and tools to achieve & succeed.

Vendor Relationships: MMG offers a direct connection to many prominent industry vendors & suppliers. The ability to build direct personal relationships with vendors provides valuable resources and connections for your own dealership.

Direction: No matter the size of your operation, the intensity of your professional focus, or daily dedication, we all need help! Having a literal library of human resources & proven performance records, direction and passion are always available.

Participation: By joining and participating in the MMG, your contributions help strengthen and further develop this truly unique band of brothers. Knowledge is power, and by sharing your experiences, and expertise we all benefit.

If you are seeking help with the many items listed above or would like to be part in the career changing environment such as Mike, start today by joining the Mopar Masters Guild.